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         2 Interesting Links on parts & gear
    Here are two links from Jim W0LU you may find interesting.  It is a fabulous R-390/390A site. I doubt there is a more comprehensive site on the 390 series.  Check it out. http://www.r-390a.netHere is another informative yet very readable link that gives a useful overview of all commonly available capacitor types.  Some folks may wish to print it out and keep it handy.

                             6146 Tube Info Article    
    An interesting article by Glen, K9STH, on the various versions of the 6146 and its implications in various rigs.    http://k9sth.com/uploads/The_6146_Family_of_Tubes_1.pdf 

                     GE Ham Radio News Magazines
     A site with a collection of these publications from 1947 - 1962.  Thanks to Greg, W7HRC, for this information.  http://n4trb.com/AmateurRadio/GE_HamNews/ge_ham_news.htm

             Boatanchor Pictures and Information 

            Antique Transformer Catalogs & Specs      
    This site contains a listing of antique transofmer catalogs.  After selecting your choice, click on any page to enlarge for easier viewing.  Thanks to John, K7RLD for this information.  http://www.bunkerofdoom.com/xfm/index.html

                         Propogation Report Site
   Best site I've seen.  http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/propagation.html     

                  Eico 723X - WA7JHZ Modification

    Dave, WA7JHZ, also known as "Mr. Creativity" designed and built a mic processor for an Eico 723 which provides a staggeering 100% low distortion modulation envelope.  Here is a picture and the schematic for his latest invention.

                  Schematics for Vintage Equipment
    Here are a couple of links to check out. Here is one for info on Healthkit amplifiers, http://www.cbtricks.com/Amp/heathkit/  and this one for various pieces of vintage gear www.nostalgickitscentral.com  Thanks to Dave, WA7JHZ for this information.

                     E.F. Johnson Production Chart
    This chart was published years ago in Electric Radio magazine.  Amazing how they could make any money with these numbers.

                 Grounded Grid Amp Drive Control
    John, K7RLD, sent me this schematic of a circuit to use in the exciter driving a  grounded grid linear.


                            Vintage Color TV's
    Roger, KE7NTD, sent me this link to a very interesting website.  This fellow collects and restores very early color television sets.  Here's the link to the site:  http://community.webtv.net/stevetek/StevesCT100 

                    Operating Ham Radio Remote 
   John, K7RLD, routinely operates ham radio remote via computer from around the country.  He has posted information on how he does it on his website. 
                             Antenna Toolkit Book
    Thanks to Darby, NY1R, for the link to the Antenna Toolkit Book.  It's about 263 pages of interesting information on various antennas and related items and the theory behind them.  Easy to read, simple and designed for us common types!  Click on the title above to download the book in .pdf format.

                  New Technology Promotes the Old                    
    There are a lot of ways to promote AM operation.  Here's a unique one.  Carry one of those little hand held fans.  This one has 4 programmable messages and was sent to me by Vern, W7WAA with the message he put on it, "W7JHS AM ROCKS".  Took a few tries to get a photo this good.  Notice the whole message is programmed on one of the two blades!


BC-610 Historical Information
   Thanks to Rudy, W7RHZ, here are links to the Voice of Victory 1944 movies on development and construction of the venerable BC-610 transmitter.  14 & 13 minutes in length, these are a must see!

Part 1:  www.archive.org/details/VoiceofV1944
      Part 2:  www.archive.org/details/VoiceofV1944_2  

                          K7DYY 100th Exhibitor               

    The K7DYY - 100th Exhibitor.  Built by Bruce, K7DYY,  this unit is designed to show off the looks of the 100th vacuum tube.  Running full tilt at 865 volts and 120ma, nice glow on the plate.  Bruce built this but when his one and only 100th failed, he graciously gave it to me and I took one of my spare 100th tubes out of stock to keep this great piece of work alive!  Visit Bruce's website, www.k7dyy.com, for a look at his K7DYY Senior Class D AM transmitter. 
                    The K7RLD Call Keeper
    Keeping track of who get's it next when things are going hot and heavy on 3870 can really be a challenge.  That's why John, K7RLD, invented the Call Keeper years ago.  Here are a couple of pictures of mine, one in use and how I store the unused tags on a piece of old steel panel material.  Visit John's website for some really great pictures and info - 


    Here's another way to store the Call Keeper tags.  Using the metal panel shown in the photo above, it resides on one of those sliding keyboard shelves right under the main operating position.  Convenient and doesn't take up a bunch of room.  Easy to access and back to using the small Call Keeper display board.


    Here is the second version of the Call Keeper in action. It's one of those old metal reading stands used by secretaries. 



            W0LU Writes for Electric Radio magazine in 1996

















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